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The following are common questions asked about pension advances and the process to get them.

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*Not currently available for purchase from sellers in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin

Who qualifies for a pension advance?

Pension holders receiving $300 or more per month from their pension and living in the approved states are all encouraged to apply. There are some other simple criteria to meet which an experienced customer service agent will walk through with you when we receive your completed application/interest form.

Which factors are considered during the qualification process?

The chief factors considered for qualification are:

  • The type of pension benefit you are receiving
    • At this time FIP, LLC cannot purchase portions of some types of annuities and benefits including 401K and any benefits that offer a full or partial lump-sum or buyout option.
    • Individuals receiving worker’s compensation, alimony and any benefits provided by the Department of Labor are not eligible for our program.
  • FIP, LLC has standard income requirements that focus on the relationship between both your net and gross pension income, total gross income and the agreed-upon monthly payment.
  • Your age is a factor, and each our products has a different limitation. Applicants over the age of 78 are not eligible for our program.
  • Your credit score is a very small piece of our approval process. Many of our clients might have bruised or damaged credit and we are often able to help.
  • Income – we want to ensure that every cash advance recipient can afford to make their monthly payments.
  • Identity – we want to prevent fraud and identity theft however possible.
Which types of pensions qualify for an advance?

Almost all pensions that provide a minimum of $300 per month could qualify for an advance. If you have specific questions about your situation, the best way to discover your options is to complete your interest form, and talk to our seasoned customer service agents.

How much money can I get from a pension advance?

FIP, LLC has pension advances that range from $1,800-$30,000. The amount you wish to receive is often based on the specific challenges you are facing. You are encouraged to talk to our specialized customer service agent about your needs so we can find the best products to serve you.

How long does the process take?

The process is all very quick and easy – you can get answers in minutes. Once you’ve spent just a few minutes completing the interest form and speaking with a customer service agent about your options and requirements, we can process your application immediately. Customers will typically receive their funding within 3-5 business days from qualifying – though it is often even faster.

We certainly understand the urgency some situations present, and will work with you to complete the process in your time frame.


What can I spend the money on?

You can spend the money any way you like. One of the true benefits of a pension advance is that there are no restrictions on usage – it is up to you. Many of our customers will use the money to handle or consolidate debt, pay off a large purchase, take a vacation, support their family and more.

With my obligation completed, can I do it again?

Yes – in most cases, an additional advance is welcomed. You’ll need to ensure that your payments are all on-time and up-to-date, but if you have interest in a second advance after you complete your first, we are happy to discuss it with you.