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A Pension Advance Gives You Options

If you are receiving a pension, there is a good chance you could leverage its future payments to access working capital NOW.

FIP, LLC leads the nation in creating pension-based funding products. Our experience allows us to match your needs to an existing program, or even to tailor one that more specifically fits your situation.

We work with you to find pension funding that fits.

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Do you own a business?

Check out your options with our Business Pension Advance programs.

How It Works

Call 877-871-1991. Our friendly team of pension advance professionals is waiting to answer and walk you through your next steps. Or, simply complete the brief online information application  and we will have a representative give you a call to get the process started.

If you have a business need, be sure to review our unique Business Pension Advance options.

Once we have an idea of what you are looking for, we will look at the kinds of offers for which you qualify.

We will ask about your income and consider the amount you need when determining your qualifications. An initial credit check will be run, simply to verify your identity, take a look at your payment history and to get an overall financial picture of your current situation.

At this time, you will have the ability to determine which type of offer will best suit your needs. We will request some documentation from you, but we only require the basics: a couple of bank statements, a benefit letter from your pension provider, a color copy of your identification and a voided check. Other than that, we just need some signatures and a little bit of time for our underwriting team to review the paperwork and your advance will be on its way!

Get Started

Step One: Express Your Interest

Complete the Application

We ask you to complete a simple interest form with your basic contact and pension information. Simple qualifications will include your type of pension and the state in which you reside.


Step Two: Process the Information

Harness Our Experience

With your completed application, a customer service agent will reach out to you and collect the necessary information to qualify you for a funding. Once qualified, our agent will extend your offer.

Step Three: Collect Your Advance

Receive Your Funding

Once your qualification has been submitted, you could receive funds in as few as 3 days. Spend the money on anything you like – there are no restrictions on usage.


Consumers have used Pension Advances for many years as a means to access immediate capital. The usage is not dictated by the process, so each person is free to spend the money however they wish.

Pay off debt, make a major purchase, enjoy a much needed vacation, pay for education, take care of your family…

How will you choose to spend it?

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