FIP, LLC leads the nation in creative pension financing options.

We enable qualified pension holders to access an advance at fair rates.

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Get the money you need, now.

Consumer Pension Advances allow you to take advantage of your future pension income, today.

If you are currently receiving a pension, you may qualify for an advance…


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Take control of each business goal.

Business Pension Advances allow you to get the most return from your Pension Advance.

If you are currently receiving a pension and own a business, you may qualify for an advance…


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Business Pension Advance

FIP, LLC rewards pension-holding business owners with a unique funding opportunity. Take advantage of your business in good standing and enjoy many benefits including larger available advance amounts, better rates and more flexibility in your decision making.

Consumer Pension Advance

If you are holding a pension and want to secure an advance, FIP, LLC has you covered. As the nation’s leader in Pension Advance options, we are able to provide you with the best rates and the strongest customer service in the industry. Put your trust in the top provider of creative pension advance options in the United States.


Step One: Express Your Interest

Complete the Application

We ask you to complete a simple interest form with your basic contact and pension information. Simple qualifications will include your type of pension and the state in which you reside.


Step Two: Process the Information

Harness Our Experience

With your completed application, a customer service agent will reach out to you and collect the necessary information to qualify you for a funding. Once qualified, our agent will extend your offer.

Step Three: Collect Your Advance

Receive Your Funding

Once your qualification has been submitted, you could receive funds in as few as 3 days. Spend the money on anything you like - there are no restrictions on usage.


Pension Advance Options

When you are receiving a monthly pension, you often have financial options to consider. Add in business ownership, and you can find the funds to take control of every decision.

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We keep the process simple and direct. For more information, visit our FAQs.

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